THIS BIO IS A LIVING DOCUMENT. Who am I as of May 2019:

  • I am Robin LaVerne Wilson aka Dragonfly. I am also Miss Justice Jester and other personae / alter egos who emerge as I engage and evolve.
  • I am a conceptual political artist. My purpose is to enlighten the world toward joy, justice and compassion.
  • Inspired by equal parts experience and observation, I disrupt de facto binary thinking and reframe the world through performance, ritual, writing and teaching.
  • I speak from the interconnected-international-intergenerational intersections of the ecology, economy, and equality.
  • With DIY integrity, I bob and weave between performance, ritual, storytelling, music, media, writing, and guerilla direct action.
  • My intention is to globally facilitate invigorating master classes, intensives, workshops, panels, and other opportunities to inspire aspiring cultural changemakers.
  • I am a soprano and unofficial co-pastor in The Church of Stop Shopping. I have been the long-standing self-appointed bossy church secretary and music librarian–but have been recently promoted to managing editor of our forthcoming new zine/bulletin.
  • Creative and political elders with whom I been honored to learn from and collaborate with include Ethel Minor, Sterling Houston, Linda Montano, Sharon Bridgforth, Edin Velez, William Talen, Annie Sprinkle and Beth Stephens, Guillermo Gomez-Pena, and Veronica Vera.
  • Contemporaries with whom I have shared stages, screens and concepts include John Sims, Sarah Small, Brian Gonzalez, Ebony Noelle Golden, Brooks Frederick, Gan Golan, Betsy Richards and Alan Jenkins.
  • I earned a $40,000+ bachelor’s degree from Rutgers-Newark University. I graduated magna cum laude but that didn’t help pay my student loans.
  • I paid out of pocket for my up-and-coming fancy new $20,000+ Master’s degree in Applied Theatre from CUNY School of Professional Studies.